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A Boaters Cruising Guide to Marathon and the Florida Keys ...
If you're into boating and just want "Local Information" without glamourous advertising and promotion of expensive marinas and restaurants, then start here. Lisa & I have been based out of Marathon in the center of the Keys for more than 22 years now (2017). I'm a past Commander of our local US Power Squadron, past Port and Fleet Captain, and Board of Governors of the Marathon Yacht Club, and an avid boater. We're liveaboards that have routinely cruised from the Great Lakes to the Florida Keys on the Great Loop routes, plus cruise the Bahamas and Cuba over the years.
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               Starting Dec 2017 The Parade will be Run by Marathon Marina
HURRICANE IRMA has thrown a wrench in the works. As of November 2 Marathon Marina is still trying to recover. The parade was planned for Saturday Dec 9th, but it is unlikely this will happen now. HOWEVER, an alternative is to have the boats lighted at the docks at Marathon Marina - rather than transiting the harbor. Viewers may walk the docks to view the boats. Stay Tuned - Marathon Marina will be providing updates - either on their website at www.MarathonMarinaAndResort.com, or here on this page. In the interim please call the Marina at 305-743-6575. That phone line has been forwarded to cell phones until the regular phone service can be restored.    - Greg Absten

CLICK for prev years info       PAST PARADE BOAT PHOTOS
BKH West Channel Entrance
" ... what makes this site a jewel is the Cruising section. You can learn about Boot Key Harbor, local fishing, diving, the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and Cruising the Keys. . . . . A must-see for the Florida Cruiser!"                               - Louise Coulson,  Living Aboard Magazine, Jan/Feb 2000
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