Great Circle Trip Great Lakes to Fl Keys 2008
a.k.a a "Great Loop" Cruise

Gregory & Lisa Absten aboard the M/V "NOVA"
The Adventures of Capn Greg & Admiral Lisa
Great Lakes - Florida Keys Cruise Log & Pictures, 2008.  
(you can also view the Great Circle Trip in 2001 by clicking HERE)

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Gregory & Lisa Absten aboard the M/V "NOVA"
aka The Adventures of Capn Greg & Admiral Lisa starting August 2008
Leaving from Brands Marina in Port Clinton Ohio on Lake Erie
Destination is the Marathon Yacht Club in the Florida Keys

Updated:  As of  12/21/2008  3:15 pm EDT.                                    Start Date 8-28-08
Position: Marathon Florida    Pos: 24 42.950N, 081 05.382W
Miles traveled so far:  2200 nm,   2,531.7 sm
    (1 nautical mile equals 1.15 land mile, which is a statute mile (land mile)

Here I'll start posting a running log of this trip, and divide it up into different segments so you can look at as much or as little as you wish. For boaters I'll also include photos and links of various marinas and spots along the way. I'm posting this page on my & Lisa's 13th Anniversary, on August 26, 2008. We're heading up to Port Clinton on Lake Erie today to prepare for departure - probably Thursday morning August 28th aboard the refurbished 35' boat, the MV "Nova".


Great Lakes
Port Clinton Ohio to Buffalo NY on Lake Erie
Aug 28, 2008  - Aug 30, 2008

New York Canal System
Erie Canal from Buffalo NY to Troy NY on the Hudson River
Sept 22-26th, 2008

Hudson River down to New York City
where we enter the Atlantic Ocean
Sept 26-28. Stay in New York and Depart Oct 1st.

Atlantic Coast, Delaware & Chesapeake Bays
down to the Chester River, Chesapeake Bay.
Oct 1st - Oct 6th, 2008
Lay over at Bill & Edie Brady's dock for several weeks, waiting out Hurricane Season and running back and forth for more boat work.

Chesapeake Bay - Chester River, through Norfolk Va
Nov 20 - 25, 2008

Norfolk Va - ICW South to Beaufort NC
Nov 26 - 28

Beaufort NC to Florida Border (Fernandina Beach)
Dec 2nd-12th, 2008

FLORIDA - to Marathon in the Keys!